Texas born singer-songwriter Jon Pattie, has an extraordinary way of cutting straight through to the core of his listeners’ emotions.

With a passion for songwriting running through his veins from an early age, Pattie’s fervent lyrics and sparkling melodies expose a truly sensitive artist whose soul-shattering vocals have the power to provoke a profound response.

Influenced by modern legends like John Mayer and Bon Iver, this natural-born guitarist also holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from The University of Texas. A stark contrast, some would say, to his staggering creative prowess, and another aspect that makes his upcoming project all the more intriguing.

Coming off the release of his sophomore EP 321, Pattie is currently preparing a two-part EP that will take his artistic development to the next level. It’s a project that will give listeners an intimate glimpse into Jon Pattie the artist as well as Jon Pattie the man.

“I have been going through a lot of personal changes over the last year and so my lyrics and sound have changed as well,” he explains. “Each EP is simply a story that defines who I am as a person and how I have evolved over the last couple years since starting my music career.”

Acting as chapters in the short story of “Jon Pattie,” each EP will contain songs that reveal a different facet of his personality and recounts a journey of Pattie’s exploration of himself and his evolving narrative about his search for who he is and the man he wants to be.

“As of the last year I have been asking myself, ‘Who is Jon Pattie,’ and I have had a lot of difficulty answering that question,” he reveals. “I’ve been struggling to define myself and have confidence in who I am as a person and individual. A lot of the songs off of these upcoming releases are written about me exploring my emotions and who I am. I’ve always used writing and music to express myself and figure out how I am feeling about life in general. These songs will portray a 23-year-old man growing up in the 21st century and finding out what and how he wants to leave his mark in life.”

Jon Pattie’s upcoming music project will intertwine his Texas music influences, and Tennessee inspiration. His next EP release is anticipated for Fall 2018, where over the course of the new year you will hear a new sound and get to know more about Jon on a personal level. His music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and more.



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Have a Little Something | Live Performance

Not Today | Twenty One Pilots (Jon Pattie & Demi the Daredevil Cover)


Bluebird Cafe

Nashville, TN

Douglas Corner Cafe

Nashville, TN

Opry Mills

Nashville, TN

Just Love Coffee

Nashville, TN

Empire Control Room

Austin, TX

The Jackalope

Austin, TX

Kick Butt Coffee

Austin, TX

House of Blues

Dallas, TX

Foundation Room

Houston, TX

Elbo Room

Austin, TX

The North Door

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Houston, TX



“The first salvo of atmospheric tracks [on Reflections: Vol. I] by Pattie showcase his self-reflective lyrics, his knack for playing with effected string and horn instruments, and his ability to arrange harmonies around his carefully crafted melodies.”

- Will Sisskind of The Deli Nashville

"[“Won’t Be Young”] is upbeat, undoubtedly. A mixture of pop, rock and just a pinch of soul, Pattie delivers a crisp track that leaves you feeling warm inside."

Cultured Broad

"It’s hard to remain in the real world as his music floats around your head, tempting you into a happy recluse."

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